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May, 2020

To All Animal Lovers


With the COVID-19 lockdown threatening to last longer than anticipated and given that many pet owners in the community may not be earning salaries currently or for the next while, there is a grave concern that we will have a massive increase in the number of people who will not be able to feed their animals.


We have a large number of really responsible pet owners under our care who love their pets and take great care to keep them well fed and healthy.


In order to offer an alternative for them, other than surrendering their animals to us, handing them over to be euthanised, or in desperation abandoning them even, we would like to appeal for food donations in order to help them with “bridging food” till they are able to pick up and take care of their pets feeding requirements as usual.


This will be a carefully considered process whereby we can assist those most in need of a little help for a while and in so doing will reduce the number of pets we will be forced to put to sleep or try to find homes for and alleviate much suffering in the process.


HOW CAN YOU HELP? By purchasing one or more bags of food, directly from our wholesaler by EFT to their bank account. They in turn will deliver the bags to our clinic. 


A bag of 20kg ZOGO (made by Montego) food will cost a donor R277 incl. VAT. 


How to order:


1) Email Jane at MCP Wholesalers on email  saying you'd like to purchase X number of ZOGO dog food bags for SPCAFranschhoek.

2) Make a payment by EFT directly to them using the bank account details below.

3) Use the reference COD246D on your paymentand your name.

4) Send POP to


Account details:


Bank: Nedbank

Account Name: MCP Wholesalers (PTY) Ltd.

Account No: 147 300 5868

Branch Name: Asset and Property Finance

Branch Code: 147 305

Beneficiary Ref: COD246D





April, 2020

SPCA is doing all possible to continue providing medical assistance to our community

by way of supplying and administering the following:


- Antibiotics to treat minor injuries and infections, particularly given that visits to a vet

might be difficult or impossible for most people at this time

- Vaccinations - if we are not able to continue with vaccinating against parvo and 

distemper, we will be faced with a major problem within the next 3 months which will

be difficult to get under control again once it takes hold. Each deworming and

inoculation (2 in one)injection costs us R120.00.

- Treatment for deworming and dipping for mange, particularly sarcoptic mange

(aka scabies in humans) is crucial as these can be transferred from pets to humans.

With everyone in close confines due to lockdown the risk of transferal from pets to

people is greatly increased. A Nexguard tablet treatment (which is most effective)

costs R100 per tablet. A course is one a month for 3 months. R300 per animal.


In just the last 4 days we have attended to 88 patients, of which 63 needed medical assistance and 25 were helped with food. These numbers are bound to increase as the economic effects of COVID-19 crisis escalates. We are only able to assist with medical treatment for as long as we have the funds to do so. 

Sadly, SPCA often gets left with the ugly side of the job of animal welfare that nobody wants to see, acknowledge or deal with. If we are unable to assist with treatment and support for the pet owners in our community, the picture becomes ever grimmer. 


Any contributions to assure our ability to provide ongoing medical assistance will be greatly appreciated. 


Our bank details are as follows:

Name: SPCA Franschhoek

Bank: Nedbank

Branch code: 167 005

Acc No: 167 001 9365

Reference: MEDS and your name

NPO No: 037-649NPO

Please email POP to so that we can thank donors accordingly



April, 2020

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 6 October 2020

at Pearl Valley Golf Course.

Stay safe!

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