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There are many ways that you can donate to SPCA. You can donate a specific amount once a month or make a once of payment. You can donate via EFT or Zapper. You can also choose to become a member and donate that way. Please see different options below or go to our membership page.

We will gladly issue an 18A certificate upon request should it be required.

Please fill in the donation form
Monthly payment - Please check your chosen amount


Franschhoek SPCA

NEDBANK Franschhoek

Branch code - 167005

Account number - 1670019365

PBO number - 930012659

NPO number - 037-649NPO

Thank you so much for donating!


How to donate: Scan this QR code with your mobile device. Simply open your camera and aim at QR code (iPhone only). If you are not on a mobile device then click the link below.

*Please note, for android devices download the Zapper app at the Play Store.

Thank you so much for donating!



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